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Apple iPhone 7 128GB
EarPods with Lightning connector
Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter
Lightning to USB cable
USB power adapter
Total Apple iPhone in Packages 5 Pieces 

Key Specs

  • Wireless Technology 4G LTE

  • Operating System  The operating system manages all software and hardware, including files, memory and connected devices. Most importantly, it lets you interact with your device and your programs in a visual way; otherwise, you'd be typing computer code to get anything done. Apple iOS

  • Maximum Usage Time 40 hours

  • Internal Memory 128 gigabytes

  • Screen Size 4.7 inches

  • Water Resistant Yes

  • Internet Connectable Yes


  • Parts 1 Year

  • Labor 1 Year


  • Unlocked Yes

  • Text/Instant Messaging Yes

  • Email Capable Yes

  • Keyboard Type Touch Screen

  • Media Card Slot None

  • Built-In GPS Yes

  • Sensors Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Barometer, Fingerprint sensor, Gyro sensor, Proximity sensor

  • Maximum Depth Of Water Resistance 0 feet

  • Stand-By Time 10 days

  • Voice Activated Yes

  • Shock Resistant No

  • Dust Resistant Yes


  • Display Type Retina Display

  • Screen Resolution  Higher resolution equals better picture quality. Screens come in a range of resolutions (measured in pixels, horizontal x vertical). The higher the resolution the greater the picture quality. 1334 x 750

  • Touch Screen  Touch-screen devices make navigating more intuitive. Using a touch-screen display, you can do things such as tap to select, hold and drag to move items, swipe to scroll, and pinch to zoom. Yes


  • Integrated Camera Yes - Front and Back

  • Rear-Facing Camera 12 megapixels

  • Front-Facing Camera 7 megapixels

  • Recording Resolution 3840 x 2160 (4K)

  • Frame Rate 30 frames per second


  • Battery Type Lithium-ion


  • Bluetooth Enabled  This device will connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices without the need for cables or cords. Many wireless printers, wireless speakers, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless headphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones are Bluetooth enabled. Yes

  • NFC Technology  Near Field Communications (NFC) is a set of standards for portable devices. It allows them to establish peer-to-peer radio communications, passing data from one device to another by touching them or putting them very close together. Yes

  • Charging Interface(s) Lightning

  • Model Family Apple iPhone 7

  • SIM Card Size Nano SIM

  • SIM Card Slots Single SIM


  • No-Contract No

  • Processor Brand Apple

  • Data Plan Required No

  • Device Manufacturer Apple

  • Phone Style Smartphone

  • Color Black

  • Color Category Black

  • Model Number MN8G2LL/A


  • Wireless Compatibility Bluetooth, MIMO, Wireless A, Wireless AC, Wireless B, Wireless G, Wireless N


  • Height 5.44 inches

  • Width 2.64 inches

  • Depth 0.28 inches

  • Weight 4.87 ounces


  • Product Name iPhone 7 128GB

  • Brand Apple

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Fred, 03/14/2017

Stepped up from a S7 Samsung and what a difference! Reviewed several Phones that fit the Price.

Reviewed by man54, 03/14/2017

Excellent Products from and Excellent Company for my needs

Reviewed by Gor, 03/14/2017

This Phone has an amazing Price and more., Amazing purchase.

Reviewed by Kirk, 03/14/2017

The amount of 128GB space and clarity is excellent. This great Phone enabled me to go from two screens to one

Reviewed by Irvin, 03/14/2017

It's a great product and looks very nice . I am planning to add a 30units iPhone. in the near future.

Reviewed by oine, 03/14/2017

Love the screen. Great for gaming..

Reviewed by Tomas, 03/14/2017

this is great Phone for your Money if you do gaming, excellent

Reviewed by ton, 03/11/2017

Received this Phone as a Christmas gift and have been ecstatic with it so far.I'm very impressed.

Reviewed by nard, 03/11/2017

Resolution, clarity, and design are all great on this Phone. My 1st Apple iPhone 7 128GB and a satisfied customer.

Reviewed by Mack, 03/11/2017

I bought a it and i love it.

Reviewed by Kea, 03/11/2017

Most beautiful image I've ever seen and great Price.

Reviewed by Kurtis, 03/11/2017

I bought a Phone here a few weeks ago. Great quality, picture looks great. No complaints at all. i even had 1Year Warranty.

Reviewed by Lee, 03/11/2017

I`m from Singapore. I wish i had the Money to buy 30units.

Reviewed by elo@, 03/11/2017

The Color is amazing.

Reviewed by arcus, 03/11/2017

Great experience Playing with this iPhone

Reviewed by ten, 03/11/2017

Happy with my purchase

Reviewed by Cor, 12/22/2016

We absolutely love our new iPhone

Reviewed by han, 12/22/2016

Excellent picture quality, loaded with features that will be put to good use by everyone in my family. Works well. Thank u guys for the great price

Reviewed by ses, 12/22/2016

I just bought this Phone, even I still need to change some settings to get the best picture, I can tell you this is a very good Phone with good price.

Reviewed by lac, 12/22/2016

Everything I could have hoped for! Haven't had it very long, but so far it is great!

Reviewed by ren, 12/22/2016

Apple has the best and highest quality product on the market today. I own several Apple products and hope to own more in the future.

Reviewed by er, 12/22/2016

This Phone has a beautiful picture, even much better than I expected. My intention was to upgrade the main 7 Plus with a larger unit, mostly for more comfortable (and economical) Cameras viewing. While I was upgrading, I decided to stay with this 7. This Apple unit was perfect and had a very good price through
I am very happy with this unit and have no complaints

Reviewed by Inf, 12/22/2016

From delivery to operation in our home, the Phone has met my expectations. It was difficult to find it but I purchased on here at a good price. and I was impressed. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Reviewed by tos, 12/22/2016

I had the first generation of iPhon and was very happy with the pix it had. This new set with all the cool features and a picture that is excellent. For the money, I mean I could have spent a couple $$$$$ more for the 256GB but for the money this set is great value

Reviewed by Lam, 12/22/2016

I would recommend this to a friend!

Reviewed by Dev, 12/22/2016

So far my new Phone is just another great Apple product. I must say every Apple product that I have ever owned has definitely lived up to their quality and so far my new Phone seems to be like those other products. The picture is clear, crisp and bright... Absolutely perfect...
Thank you for delivering great products time and again!

Reviewed by Tho84, 12/01/2016

I HAD 20%

Reviewed by le_9Ty, 12/01/2016

I almost did not purchase this Phone because I never order here before and we knew there is a lot of people act like legit but there are not.but i did order with 5 first to see and i am here for another 10 iPhones,because the first i ordered was sold out fast on ebay. The price is excellent and I love the sound I would still recommend it.

Reviewed by ory, 12/01/2016

My beautiful Phones. i cant do without iPhone.

Reviewed by olas, 12/01/2016

Great picture, very sharp! best 32 space as iPhone

Reviewed by mett, 12/01/2016

I've been waiting for 4 weeks to purchase this. And it was worth the wait!
I am from Brazil i was not believe my eyes when i had my hands on those phones when they arrived

Reviewed by Ash, 11/27/2016

Has great performance,

Reviewed by Ulys, 11/27/2016

Hello Apple fans. How can I describe the perfect phone the iPhone 7 is absolutely amazing.Piece of technology The picture quality is so crystal clear. You are drawn in with amazement of the clarity of the picture.

Reviewed by Dom, 11/27/2016

I bought this Packages. The picture is nice but only a small jump in color and clarity compared to my previous 6s.

Reviewed by Rob, 11/27/2016

Phone picture is like the people are in the room with you.

Reviewed by Juda, 11/27/2016

Best picture in the world! Really the best Price for Phone that I could find.

Reviewed by ren78, 11/27/2016

I was scared at first. But after the guy knock my door i smile and i said hell yeah.. Colors and clarity are noticeable.

Reviewed by hael, 11/27/2016

The price of this panel bothered me at first, but I decided to take a chance based on what this Phone had to offer. I have had this Phone for a little over a month and can't be more impressed with its performance. Price levels are as good as it gets for an Phone Just a great overall purchase

Reviewed by Dus, 11/27/2016

Great product I have ever experienced
This product has great features

Reviewed by ce1uyi32, 11/27/2016

This Phone is very good pros great picture quality
Bright picture
Cons no 3D Touch