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What's Included

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
EarPods with Lightning connector
Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter
Lightning to USB cable
USB power adapter
Total Apple iPhone in Packages 5 Pieces

Key Specs

  • Wireless Technology 4G LTE

  • Operating System  The operating system manages all software and hardware, including files, memory and connected devices. Most importantly, it lets you interact with your device and your programs in a visual way; otherwise, you'd be typing computer code to get anything done.Apple iOS

  • Maximum Usage Time 60 hours

  • Internal Memory 128 gigabytes

  • Screen Size 5.5 inches

  • Water Resistant Yes

  • Internet Connectable Yes


  • Parts 1 Year

  • Labor 1 Year


  • Unlocked Yes

  • Text/Instant Messaging Yes

  • Email Capable Yes

  • Keyboard Type Touch Screen

  • Media Card Slot None

  • Built-In GPS Yes

  • Sensors Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Barometer, Fingerprint sensor, Gyro sensor, Proximity sensor

  • Maximum Depth Of Water Resistance 0 feet

  • Stand-By Time 16 days

  • Voice Activated Yes

  • Shock Resistant No

  • Dust Resistant Yes


  • Display Type Retina Display

  • Screen Resolution  Higher resolution equals better picture quality. Screens come in a range of resolutions (measured in pixels, horizontal x vertical). The higher the resolution the greater the picture quality. 1920 x 1080

  • Touch Screen  Touch-screen devices make navigating more intuitive. Using a touch-screen display, you can do things such as tap to select, hold and drag to move items, swipe to scroll, and pinch to zoom. Yes


  • Integrated Camera Yes - Front and Back

  • Rear-Facing Camera 12 megapixels

  • Front-Facing Camera 7 megapixels

  • Recording Resolution 3840 x 2160 (4K)

  • Frame Rate 30 frames per second


  • Battery Type Lithium-ion


  • Bluetooth Enabled  This device will connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices without the need for cables or cords. Many wireless printers, wireless speakers, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless headphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones are Bluetooth enabled. Yes

  • NFC Technology  Near Field Communications (NFC) is a set of standards for portable devices. It allows them to establish peer-to-peer radio communications, passing data from one device to another by touching them or putting them very close together. Yes

  • Charging Interface(s) Lightning

  • Model Family Apple iPhone 7 Plus

  • SIM Card Size Nano SIM

  • SIM Card Slots Single SIM


  • No-Contract No

  • Processor Brand Apple

  • Data Plan Required No

  • Device Manufacturer Apple

  • Phone Style Smartphone

  • Color Black

  • Color Category Black

  • Model Number MNQH2LL/A


  • Wireless Compatibility Bluetooth, MIMO, Wireless A, Wireless AC, Wireless B, Wireless G, Wireless N


  • Height 6.23 inches

  • Width 3.07 inches

  • Depth 0.29 inches

  • Weight 6.63 ounces


  • Product Name iPhone 7 Plus 128GB

  • Brand Apple

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Da, 01/24/2017

Love this Phone, it looks and cooks great. Great work from Apple

Reviewed by lby, 01/24/2017

So far such a super range. I replaced a Samsung Galaxy S7 for this. And its the best thing i even do.. This is so much more better than a Samsung.

Reviewed by sey, 01/24/2017

زوجي وأنا حصلت على هذا الهاتف لعيد الميلاد، وطبعا نحن لم نكن نتوقع أنه، حتى عندما كنا
وقيل أن تذهب بيك حتى أننا لم تكن التفكير إذا أنه سيكون مناسباً في بلادي كرايسلر، وطبعا نحن تبدو وكأنها فريق كومدي زوجين. ولكن وجدنا أن ترسي المقاعد الخلفية. حصلنا عليها البعض.
نحن نحب التلفزيون السابقة هو 42 "سامسونج. منتج كبير، ونعتقد في العلامة التجارية الخاصة بك.
الحفاظ على العمل الجيد.

Reviewed by nte, 01/24/2017

Αν έπρεπε να περιγράψει την αγορά μου σε μία μόνο λέξη, θα ήταν ΤΡΟΜΕΡΌΣ!

Reviewed by Eze, 01/24/2017

兴奋地学习和体验我的新智能手机。到目前为止爱它 !

Reviewed by Vice543, 01/24/2017

Μεγάλη τιμή και μεγάλο τηλέφωνο

Reviewed by Fra, 01/24/2017


Reviewed by rk, 01/15/2017

Super Bild. Einfach anzuschließen. Sehr zufrieden mit diesem Kauf.

Reviewed by rk432, 01/15/2017

Super Bild. Einfach anzuschließen. Sehr zufrieden mit diesem Kauf.

Reviewed by bert, 01/15/2017

I really like Apple approach/design for easy assembly and setup - from in the box to watching an absolutely beautiful picture too less than 30 minutes. It's nice to see that

Reviewed by De, 01/15/2017

Τα προϊόντα αυτά τα μήλα είναι το καλύτερο. Πήρα το iPhone 7 συν μοντέλο με τα 256GB και την εικόνα συνεχίζουν ακριβώς καλύτερα. Λατρεύω μου χριστουγεννιάτικο δώρο.

Reviewed by Ver, 01/15/2017


Reviewed by Fre542, 01/15/2017

Pret incredibil

Reviewed by Shay, 01/15/2017

The colors are amazing....

Reviewed by n7890, 01/15/2017

solo l'amore come si svolge questo telefono. La chiarezza e la foto è eccezionale...

Reviewed by 198943, 01/15/2017

You could not ask for a better Phone . Easy to use and setup. Apps stream really well.

Reviewed by Iss, 01/15/2017

This review is based on owning the Phones for 2 weeks, so I cannot speak for durability, but the features and functionality are superb, picture is amazing

Reviewed by te32, 01/15/2017

One day after delivery I have a Phone with a great picture

Reviewed by on, 01/15/2017


Reviewed by nie, 01/15/2017

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus is a really nice Phone. Great picture and sound. I dont know how to add song on one of these Phone. This is my first time iPhone. Please help

Reviewed by onlyz, 01/15/2017

received received received

Reviewed by Cade, 01/15/2017

I received my tracking Number 2days agao and my Order should be here by Monday 16-01-2017

Reviewed by ny54, 12/06/2016

I would recommend this Phone to anybody looking for a new mobile Phone

Reviewed by gelo, 12/06/2016

bought this Phone about a month back and so far like the features and the quality of the picture. Everything worked great very impressive.

Reviewed by ndan, 12/06/2016

Great features...Internet access is great...beautiful picture

Reviewed by ariah, 12/06/2016

Never thought I would get this size Phone because whenever i emailed them to ask they said sold out i was very mad because i dont need 32 or 256Gb but few days back i received an email from this guys that the 128GB is here i place my order at once and now they are all right here infront of me and my friends. they are opening their iPhone while mine is on my desk i want to write this review so i will take my time to play with my new Phone. Thank you very much guys and i am really happy with it.

Reviewed by Camr, 12/06/2016

This has to be the best Phone experience I have ever had.

Reviewed by Ry, 12/06/2016

30 Mins underwater designed is not much. Apple should do this more better

Reviewed by Eri, 12/06/2016

This product has great picture quality. The speakers sound great, so the volume levels have to be increased to hear well. Love and love and love it

Reviewed by dy65, 12/05/2016

I have had the order of 5 iPhones for about a month and I am happy with the product. The price and features makes it great to use and picture quality makes it great. I will gladly recommend this to anyone.

Reviewed by Ju1, 12/05/2016

This is an awesome Phone with beautiful picture and great sound for a great price. I am very pleased with the quickness and ease in setting it up. I absolutely love

Reviewed by Dar, 12/05/2016

Apple is the best I like my product... good Price

Reviewed by Darr, 12/05/2016

Good product. Wide and very clear screen ! I have been using it for a month. There is no problem. Just sometimes there is a connection problem. sometimes maybe its my network when i off the Phone and on it back it works great everything is fine with no regret at all.

Reviewed by tae, 12/05/2016

Value for the price, great resolution, everything is perfect. Very happy with my purchase.

Reviewed by sh543, 12/05/2016

Just bought this Phone today and the picture is great and you can see this from anywhere you are sitting. Vibrant color.a friend of mine told me about this site.

Reviewed by lev, 12/05/2016

Just purchased this Apple iPhone 7and it is the best of all

Reviewed by Der, 12/05/2016

The phone has an amazing price and has so many good features - all of them easy to use. Plan to enjoy the phone for a long time!

Reviewed by ald77, 12/05/2016

I love it!!this is it! Best Phone so far!! Highly recommended !!! Need another one for my ebay account!!

Reviewed by iant, 12/05/2016

I like everything, the features, the easy pair with my Apple phone and pictures are great, I loved. The Beautiful thing is the price

Reviewed by Gar41, 12/05/2016

Just got this amazing set of iPhones. Very responsive and works well with my order

Reviewed by ymymym, 12/05/2016

Great Price and awesome products. Can't wait to buy more