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What's Included

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
EarPods with Lightning connector
Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter
Lightning to USB cable
USB power adapter
Total Apple iPhone in Packages 5 Pieces

Key Specs

  • Wireless Technology 4G LTE

  • Operating System  The operating system manages all software and hardware, including files, memory and connected devices. Most importantly, it lets you interact with your device and your programs in a visual way; otherwise, you'd be typing computer code to get anything done.Apple iOS

  • Maximum Usage Time 60 hours

  • Internal Memory 128 gigabytes

  • Screen Size 5.5 inches

  • Water Resistant Yes

  • Internet Connectable Yes


  • Parts 1 Year

  • Labor 1 Year


  • Unlocked Yes

  • Text/Instant Messaging Yes

  • Email Capable Yes

  • Keyboard Type Touch Screen

  • Media Card Slot None

  • Built-In GPS Yes

  • Sensors Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Barometer, Fingerprint sensor, Gyro sensor, Proximity sensor

  • Maximum Depth Of Water Resistance 0 feet

  • Stand-By Time 16 days

  • Voice Activated Yes

  • Shock Resistant No

  • Dust Resistant Yes


  • Display Type Retina Display

  • Screen Resolution  Higher resolution equals better picture quality. Screens come in a range of resolutions (measured in pixels, horizontal x vertical). The higher the resolution the greater the picture quality. 1920 x 1080

  • Touch Screen  Touch-screen devices make navigating more intuitive. Using a touch-screen display, you can do things such as tap to select, hold and drag to move items, swipe to scroll, and pinch to zoom. Yes


  • Integrated Camera Yes - Front and Back

  • Rear-Facing Camera 12 megapixels

  • Front-Facing Camera 7 megapixels

  • Recording Resolution 3840 x 2160 (4K)

  • Frame Rate 30 frames per second


  • Battery Type Lithium-ion


  • Bluetooth Enabled  This device will connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices without the need for cables or cords. Many wireless printers, wireless speakers, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless headphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones are Bluetooth enabled. Yes

  • NFC Technology  Near Field Communications (NFC) is a set of standards for portable devices. It allows them to establish peer-to-peer radio communications, passing data from one device to another by touching them or putting them very close together. Yes

  • Charging Interface(s) Lightning

  • Model Family Apple iPhone 7 Plus

  • SIM Card Size Nano SIM

  • SIM Card Slots Single SIM


  • No-Contract No

  • Processor Brand Apple

  • Data Plan Required No

  • Device Manufacturer Apple

  • Phone Style Smartphone

  • Color Jet Black

  • Color Category Jet Black

  • Model Number MNQH2LL/A


  • Wireless Compatibility Bluetooth, MIMO, Wireless A, Wireless AC, Wireless B, Wireless G, Wireless N


  • Height 6.23 inches

  • Width 3.07 inches

  • Depth 0.29 inches

  • Weight 6.63 ounces


  • Product Name iPhone 7 Plus 128GB

  • Brand Apple

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by PayPayPay, 02/02/2017

Sound quality is very good.

Reviewed by Lam, 02/01/2017


Reviewed by han, 02/01/2017

These Phones are the best. They came with a year Warranty. , I loved these Phones and would recommend them to everyone.

Reviewed by tiago, 02/01/2017

But as for the ear buds, they work great! The best way to determine the quality of these ear buds is to conduct an hour conference call when there are multiple callers and vendors on the call while driving 70 miles and hour on interstate(hands free). I received no complaints from anybody and I myself had no distortion. By the way this was very important sales opportunity and was able to close the deal!! So I am very pleased....Thx! 72buyers

Reviewed by Bla, 02/01/2017

hello i bought the 32GB back in december of 2016 and the headphones have been the best. and last week they were put through the ultimate test, they got washed on accident, i thought i was going to have to buy a new pair. but they STILL work as good as the day i got them. way to go Apple on these headphones, way to go!!!!

Reviewed by ret, 02/01/2017

Its gread and it wil be much greater if i can get a clearer humming bass

Reviewed by Clint, 02/01/2017

I've gone through two pair already. And they were amazing. i dont wanna open the rest all because i want to sell them on Ebay. i will be back with another reviews

Reviewed by ise, 02/01/2017

Very poor quality. There is warranty on this product, speakers sound Great and everything about this Phone works fine.

Reviewed by Ba212, 02/01/2017

I've bought this set of phones around 6 or 7 times. And i am 100% Happy with my money i spent

Reviewed by rien, 01/24/2017


Reviewed by Ler, 01/24/2017

Αυτό το τηλέφωνο είναι μεγάλη. με μια καταπληκτική τιμή. εξαιρετική τιμή

Reviewed by Ka, 01/24/2017

Είχα αυτό το τηλέφωνο για δύο εβδομάδες τώρα και δεν θα μπορούσε να είναι πιο ευτυχισμένοι! Όμορφη εικόνα, εύκολη στην πλοήγηση στα μενού. Big bang for the buck!

Reviewed by Fre, 01/24/2017

Ik hou van mijn nieuwe telefoons. Dit is een geweldige prijs, ik houd van dat het is een slimme telefoon met veel gebouwd in apps dat u elke dag gebruikt. Een werkelijk koele eigenschap is de functie van de spiegel. Het is echt licht voor een grote telefoon. Geen klachten, ik hou van ❤️ het.

Reviewed by Uriel, 01/24/2017

أخذت الهاتف من خارج منطقة الجزاء وإعداده وكان يراقب البرمجة في 20 دقيقة. أي شكاوى حول المنتج على الإطلاق.

Reviewed by kus, 01/24/2017

这是手机的最佳值。谢谢你很多 72buyers

Reviewed by vis, 01/24/2017

إنني أحب ذلك.

Reviewed by wasiu, 01/18/2017

صورة جميلة وصوت رائع. ويوفر هذا الهاتف صورة كبيرة.

Reviewed by nnon, 01/18/2017

My local Shop is happy, i went to their shop to sold one iPhone 7 Plus for them. and they asked me how did i got it. i told them its for business. they offer me a deal and i went for it. I am just a student here in Saudi Arabia before i found this site. but the problem is that the stupid custom tax wanted me to gave up. but i received all my Order and the business is still going fine. Thank you very much 72buyers. May Allah bless you more

Reviewed by Neal, 01/18/2017

Das beste Handy, das ich je gekauft. Ich danke euch. Du bist der Beste

Reviewed by tonton, 01/18/2017

Great Phone but disappointed that canada to canada has to pay for fast delivery too. Canada and USA should get fast deliver for free also. Anyway. I am happy with my Order. Thanks guys

Reviewed by Coty, 01/18/2017

Dieses Telefon ist fantastisch in jeder Hinsicht bezüglich der Features, die es hat. Sie können die Brights so hell, wie Sie wollen, die schwarzen sind fast wie OLED. Wenn Sie nicht über 3D, ist ungefähr so gut wie es geht.

Reviewed by Corn, 01/18/2017

Hat große Leistung, Pic ist es klar großer Unterschied von 6 s

Reviewed by hon, 01/18/2017

Tolles Bild. Liebe die 4k Bild. Genial einfach zu bedienen.

Reviewed by How432, 01/18/2017

Ich werde dieses tolle Stück Technik jedem empfehlen!!!

Reviewed by 54ad, 01/18/2017

Whatever the cost is of this Phone--it is worth it. No glare!!! Viewing from all angles and the picture is spot on!! User friendly and the sound is good

Reviewed by Quin, 01/18/2017

Received my Order this week. Picture quality is sharp.

Reviewed by am654, 01/18/2017

Great picture very good picture, features and quality

Reviewed by ton, 01/15/2017


Reviewed by sto, 01/15/2017

Ik koop dit iPhone en ik kreeg ze in 3 dagen. Ik ben dus zo blij met mijn bestelling

Reviewed by tin, 01/15/2017

Am fost un utilizator loial de Apple pentru mulţi ani şi achiziţiona iPhone 7 mele recente Plus nu dezamăgeşte. Mai clară imagine. Sunete de mare. Mare caracteristici de telefon inteligent. Sunt fericit cu meu achiziţionat

Reviewed by den, 01/15/2017

Tous les téléphones que j’ai possédé, Apple est de loin le meilleur. Avec l’achat récent de cet iPhone, je suis tellement content de mon achat.

Reviewed by dal, 01/15/2017

Некоторые из лучших телефонов на рынке
Мисс поворотное основание

Reviewed by obe, 01/15/2017

Mon nouvel iPhone est impressionnant. Les couleurs vives, les images et les clarté est spectaculaire

Reviewed by Dar, 01/15/2017

Νιώθω σαν αυτό είναι το καλύτερο τηλέφωνο που έχω ποτέ ανήκει. Η ποιότητα εικόνας είναι τέλεια, τηλέφωνο απαντά γρήγορα τη φωνή μου, όταν είπα hey Siri του εγώ. κάθε πράγμα σχετικά με αυτό λειτουργεί. Πάνω από όλα του είναι μεγάλη.

Reviewed by Das, 01/15/2017

Wij houden van onze nieuwe telefoon, maar de prijs is hoog maar zijn o.k. grote prijs geweldige producten

Reviewed by mmed, 01/15/2017

Best Phone

Reviewed by Ko, 01/15/2017

Wurde nie enttäuscht über diese Produkte

Reviewed by lker, 01/15/2017

I did lot of research before buying this Phone and i am glad i picked this.

Reviewed by Ad432, 01/15/2017

available and i bought it.

Reviewed by rod, 01/15/2017

Very nice Phone except for the viewing angle. The Phone is in shape, so we watch it from different positions. Phone looks very good

Reviewed by lton, 01/15/2017

This Phone has a beautiful picture ,

Reviewed by imil, 01/15/2017

The EarPhone does not sound like the Old 6S iPhone to me. Maybe because they removed the EarPhone Jack or what. Anyway i Received what i Paid for and they are all Good.

Reviewed by per5, 12/11/2016

I would say the features in this Phone are really excellent.

Reviewed by Kol78, 12/11/2016

A very nice looking Phone with a beautiful picture. The iPhone 7 Plus big screen brings

Reviewed by Bl, 12/11/2016

Very good 4k Phone but a lesser 3d torch. Sound is good but could have been better.
Only one speaker but its ok

Reviewed by nni121, 12/11/2016

Just purchased iPhone 7 Plus big screen model. Wasn't sure about the 7 or 7 Plus Big screen but my wife suggested I go with a big screen. Boy was she right once I got it set up in the hands the picture is amazing love the big screen. The sports mode enhances the picture to a bright realistic picture like I never seen in a iPhone before. Happy with it

Reviewed by nnie, 12/11/2016

I just purchased iPhone 5/12/16 and i am in love. Ive been playing around with the features and watching different shows and movies on it and it is EXCELLENT!!! the display is what sold me. I have a huge wrong before buying and was going to go for the option, to buy or leave but went for them how awesome this iPhone is! ENJOY!!

Reviewed by BraBra, 12/11/2016

Excellent product from Apple. Good Sound quality.and beautiful Price. loved what i received

Reviewed by ett, 12/11/2016

We upgraded from a Samsung Note 7 and we are so glad we did. The picture is phenomenal. Set up was a breeze and its connectivity is so convenient. Let's not forget about the wonderful apps. We do most of our movie viewing through apps, and this Phone has them all!!!!

Reviewed by Uli, 12/11/2016

I just bought the Phone, but so far it's been easy to use. Several features.

Reviewed by eem5653, 12/11/2016

I love the built in applications available such as the web and games apps hey siri Its me. amazing job from Apple and beautiful price here

Reviewed by ace, 12/11/2016

I was skeptical on buying a new Phone since being released. However the picture quality of this product is very great to watching sports, movies, and other things I recommend to whomever wants to put the investment in the Phone should do so.

Reviewed by Nino1, 12/11/2016

My purchase was shipped with various colors, i wanted the Jet Black but i received black. contact them and told me not to open the box that the jet black colors is coming soon and they arrived in 1day. great work guys you are great

Reviewed by Hasforit12, 12/11/2016

This 128GB is simply amazing! The picture is truly stunning. My wife loves the Price, which is not overwhelming at all.

Reviewed by ael, 12/11/2016

I only had it for a few days and I love it. design gives you a different experience.

Reviewed by Isa, 12/11/2016

Very Good design and features, I loved it very much and if you are looking for new Phone please choose the Apple its really really good.